Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It is Wedding season again !!

Month of May was like a pot pourie in a sense. There are very few days in life which you love to store in the deepest of memory lane and very few you tend to erase off. May 2013 was like a mixed month with days spanning between both these extremes. Though work vice it was about chasing deadlines, code deliveries, escalations still i relished those 30 days (31). How nice is it to see off your once nandu cindu cousins getting married or nandu cindu of your siblings or cousin’s kid doing something cute. Ah!Moments to freeze.

May had been “THE MONTH” of marriages for me with very close cousins getting married. Not sure is it the bride or groom being elated about getting hooked but it is certainly the close relatives on either side. It is quite a scene to watch stereotypical activities of certain groups in typical south Indian marriages.

Notable mentions would be of a) Aunties ( how can one be called when they are just in their lllaate 30s!!!) showcasing their latest gold/Narayana pearls accessories and costliest kancheevarams rather RMKVs/ Nallis/Palams

b) Uncles talking about boring politics/ education system in India rather their kids Onsite experiences.

c) So called “young uncles” (married in span of 10-15 years) discussing about Project managements, resource utilizations, taxations. Beg your pardon it is not between themselves like the former but they tend to scream into their Bluetooth, loud enough that the music party(thavil vidvans) wondering if they are their strict competitors

d) Wifey’s of such Young uncles with a perfect makeover either gossip around or equally scream into their bluetooth (May be they are talking to each other???)

e) Kids or teenagers sulk for coming but are hand tied either texting or glued to their PSPs

All said and done it is only the close circle of cousins (girls to be precise) or friends of the bride who steal the show. In the name of helping her get ready with proper attire, accessories or makeup, they get their share also done :) (Ore kallu rendu mangai). Self was one such privileged soul donning the role in one of my close cousin’s wedding. All went great until I met this guy at the dais

For you to understand why and what we need to go in for a small flashback (Essss the typical kosuvathi … Non-Tamil movie buffs excuse). It was a wonderful Monday morning (Ah what a day to get married) I was getting married to this guy who tends to put an appavi pullai face in front of elders. Having becoming comfortable with his nature, never felt tensed during the marriage day and was chatting with him all the while.

On one such instance he casually commented

He: “Edho oru rendu naal kothukku evlo selavu paru . Whats the use ?”.

I said rather lectured “ In a way correct dhan ana this is lifetime once dhane pa. We will remember it forever and see all relatives have gathered. Everyone is happy and they tend to meet each other in marriages only la. So many rituals, slokas recited which have their own superior purpose and we will get so many blessings …. Blah blah blah “

As I went on he cut me short (poor me ) giving gyan “Ama edho pona jenama piravi palan dhan indha jenmame . Enna pannalum namma thalai ezhuthu dhan “

All this while we never realized the Chief Vadiyar was ottukettufying what we spoke . Adding to my misery, he spoke in whisper whereas I spoke in my usual sound speaker voiceJ. As I turned to give a cold stare, Vadiyar called out saying it was time for me to change into the muhurtha pudavai!

Ah I sighed having got some more extra time to strengthen my point ( nama ellam last minute devathais only ), I got ready and came back to the dais.

While I tried looking into Hd, he raised eyebrows and with a smirk said “Enna counter argument ready pannitiya ??” (Appa evlo nalla purinju vechirukkan )

Thinking I was talking in whisper I blurted “ Nee solradhellam correct ah ve irukkalam , life after death ellam irukkalam but enna porutha varaikkum let us live the current moment, enjoy life and not think too far “

He smiled and said “ Chappaya mudichitte but its ok “ (appaaa tharaalam)

All went fine until this Vadiyar post the marriage rituals with a loud voice commented to my mom “Nan evlavo kalyanam panni vechirukken but ponnu mappillai life after death pathi pesi kettadhu illa “. Needless to say, my mom whose eyes was moist with ananda kaneer went red with anger :( and again you would have guessed who was in her firing line!
Kosuvathi ends

If you try doing the knots here (simple onnum onnum rendu ), yes it is the same guy sitting here as the “Vadiyar” for my cousin wedding. He promptly identified me, parapified this incident to the whole bunch of people making me go red.

Hd came near me and said “ Pathiya naan anikke sonnen la enna pannalum vidhi valiyadhu “ . Guess what I did came here and polambified :D