Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

God created this world and made sure every person had someone to share their feelings,thoughts and behave as a person who they really are. Almighty decided that before I go and hit this world I would need some one to really care for me and understand me apart from my parents/siblings.

Hence he sent a wonderful person to earth!! Yeah he sent my Poornims On Feb 18.She is the person who guides me,teaches me ( I remember the Study Hols),understands me,a person with whom I can really be myself,absolute enjoyable moments.Nothing is left undiscussed between us. Little things are also enjoyed well when I was with her! Missssss u de poos... though there is a geographical distance between us we remain close to heart!!

Wish you a wonderful birthday! May God give you all that you need showering you with success,joy and your life be filled with happiness forever!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar-Music

Jodhaa Akbar!! - We rarely get to hear such mesmerising Music

I am absolutely mesmerised by ARR composition in this Album that I am hardly able to frame words to appreciate the music in this album. Where to begin and where to end? The whole album is a total master piece in itself that you can never seperate the greatness of the freshness of voices, usage of instruments,quality of music from other.Wonderful!

The album has in total 5 songs with 2 instrumentals.My personal favorites being Jashn-E-Bahaara ,Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah .

I like Jashn-E-Bahaara for Javed's voice and the apt usage of his voice by ARR.He is a true legend I must say. I was moved totally by this song that it made me travel with the song.. a feeling which has to be experienced rather than rendered in words..We generally comment on a song in Tamil "En Manasa Karaikaradhu". I had the same feeling with this song after " En Mel Vizhundha" from May Madam. I have gone crazy with this song that I get to listen to this song while at work :D!!Not to forgot mentioning about this song's Instrumental. Would you need a seperate proof that ARR is a genius!!

Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah
Yet another wonderful composition I should say from Rahman's Repository!!Truely Royal..I love the way the chorus renders "Jalaluddin Akbar".Stressing these words from the rest of the song but truley in pitch...wonderful..

In Lamhon Ke Daaman is good with Sonu and Madushree doing great job. There is some silence in the middle of the song but that silence makes you feel good.

Khwaja was a different one. I haven't heard of such kind of songs.Good one.ARR voice is a blend of magic and boldness.
Mann Mohana is a bhajan kind of. Good one. I liked Bela Shende's voice. What a Silky,sweet voice.

In total the whole album is a treat to hear. Expect good piece of picturisation for it!
Got to see the trailer of the movie as well.Wonderful..Hrithik was looking Awesome!!Could not resist watching the movie !!

I feel that the Movie would do commercially well!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Visit to NASA Johnson Space Center

Last Weekend was a fantastic weekend for me!! Guess What??? I visited NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. To put it straight, I fell in love with this place instantly.

I had my friends reminding me that the Kennedy Space Center is interesting than the Johnson Space Center. But this trip was kind of more Informative. We got to see couple of the High Definition movies with "To be an Astronaut" stealing the show!! Astronauts on opposite sides working on fixing things out of the same Shuttle have a temperature difference of nearly 350 degree Centigrade!! I had a personal feel that any child who dreams to fly/explore the universe should see this movie.It clearly depicts as to how much ordeal these astronauts undergo as part of their training program. Do you believe that they undergo an intense training of two long years before boarding a Space Shuttle.Being an astronaut isn't a Cake walk.They are risking their life for the sake of mankind. There are chances that these people get hit by a passing asteroid. Unimaginable!!

There was another show "Living In Space" explaining how astronaust live in space .Even the simpler tasks like brushing,bathing,Eating food,Sleeping requires different training as they live on zero gravity. Just think how much dedication and determination is required to do these taks in a peculiar way rather than the usual way we have been tuned to in all these years!!

We had been on a Tram Tour around the entire premises which is more informative on the training side of it.We were explained about the Space Programs,Monitoring the Space Stations,how the astronauts are trained to do job on board and in Space station. Impressive one I should say.

Finally the Startship Gallery. Oh Boy!! You love it.. The gallery of all news clips,space shuttles,the models depicting the instruments used by astronauts on travel to Moon,lunar samples....more informative.

I should really agree that such places must also be visited rather than the Stereo-typed Theme Parks or fun Games.