Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

God created this world and made sure every person had someone to share their feelings,thoughts and behave as a person who they really are. Almighty decided that before I go and hit this world I would need some one to really care for me and understand me apart from my parents/siblings.

Hence he sent a wonderful person to earth!! Yeah he sent my Poornims On Feb 18.She is the person who guides me,teaches me ( I remember the Study Hols),understands me,a person with whom I can really be myself,absolute enjoyable moments.Nothing is left undiscussed between us. Little things are also enjoyed well when I was with her! Missssss u de poos... though there is a geographical distance between us we remain close to heart!!

Wish you a wonderful birthday! May God give you all that you need showering you with success,joy and your life be filled with happiness forever!!!


  1. Raja said...

    While searching in the net I got hooked to ur blog. The caption "Ramya Pennin(g) Thoughts" is very nice, innovative and catchy. Keep blogging.
    BTW, Happy birthday to ur friend...

  2. Ramya said...


    Thank you! you reminded me about my blog..I had been only bloghopping these days ! :-)