Monday, March 24, 2008

My First Love!

I try to remind myself about our first meeting!When did I get introduced to you? Yeah I remember my amma doing her bit of inviting me into a world which comprised of you and me.What was it that attracted me towards you.Was it the way you greet people who come to visit you? There was an air of charisma around you.

I was very excited when my appa showed a picture of yours which I carefully slipped into my bag forever. It is the most trustable possession of mine even now.I still remember those school days when I dont start my day without having a glimpse of you.I being sentimentalist felt the day wasn't complete without me seeing your picture.

I sit back and laugh how crazy I was about you that I readily accepted to go and stay at my Uncle's place without my parents for first time just because I can visit almost everyday!The day when my aunt took me to your place,I was spellbound seeing the huge crowd waiting to see you.I had a sudden pinch in my stomach whether I would be noticed in this wave of people.But when I came to meet you, I was left with no words, There you stood tall greeting people in your own way. First time in my life I felt that I have seen a combo of Intelligence,Pride,Humbleness! There was no one stopping me to exchange my views with you.

From there on no looking back. There started the day when I entered into a world around me comprising me of just you and me. I would imagine myself discussing everything with you be it my success,failures,fights,trying to figure what will I do or how should I have approched things and what not!
I entered my Adolescence when every child undergoes a good transformation.I was lucky enough to handle it well for you were with me or I imagined you being at my side.We played a game wherein I had to tell few lines poetically about my sweetheart.Guess what I told about you. Here it goes, those silly so called poetic lines

Oh My Sweetheart!
With my Heart pumping so fast
Deeprooted I stand before you
Just to hear you say I'm with you!

I was really thrilled when I saw you on screen.When my friends opted for a movie out, my suggestion was to watch yours.They marked me being childish but they did not know that it is what I cherish! I learnt music just because I can sing about you.Even I thought I will go ahead and write poems in praise of you!

So there goes our realtionship undisturbed.People came in my life made impacts but you are the person who has a majestic throne inmy heart guiding me and making me a person who I am today!

P.S : If you want to know who is my first love See this


  1. EnvyRam said...

    Hey Ramya ...
    Started good! Then there was a dead give-away!
    Kula dheivam yaru? Perumaal ah? :D


  2. EnvyRam said...

    Oh, just missed the P.S part before commenting

  3. Ramya said...


    Thanks for the comments.Attempted trying something different. LaterI realised that I had indeed provided an hint in the form of Photo! May be lemme try next time..

  4. Ice Cold Coffee said...

    "stay at my Uncle's place without my parents for first time just because I can visit almost everyday!"

    to me this made it clear, about whom you were talking abt.

    a nice try though.

    keep writing.. I like your writing.

  5. Ramya said...


    Thanks for dropping in!Sure will keep posting!

  6. இரா. வசந்த குமார். said...

    ரம்யா... பாதியிலேயே கண்டுபிடித்தேன்.. நீங்கள் இது போல் ஏதோ மொக்கையாகத் தான் கடைசியில் சொல்லப் போகிறீர்கள் என்று...! சரி, அவருக்குத் தெரியுமா, அவர் தான் உங்களுடைய First Love என்று.. ? ;-)

  7. Ramya said...

    வசந்த குமார் என்ன ஒரு கண்டுபிடிப்பு! மெய் சிலிர்த்துவிட்டது!
    Just Kidding! Obviously he knew that very well!
    Thanks for dropping in !

    P.S : Thanks for the link to type in tamil. Pretty Easy one!

  8. இரா. வசந்த குமார். said...

    Hai Ramya.. Happy to see u use Tamil Font typing.. Keep it Up.. And do posting in Tamil... Its interesting na...

  9. Usha said...

    woohooo!! I found out even before you said!!

  10. Dubukku said...

    ஆஹா உங்களுக்கு லவ்வர் முறையா...தங்கமணிக்கு அண்ணா முறை. ஆக உங்க ஆள் எனக்கு மச்சினன் முறை அப்பிடி பார்த்தா தங்கமணி உங்களுக்கு நாத்தனார் முறை....போதும் போதும்ன்னு நீங்க சொல்றது கேக்குது :)))

    நீங்க தமிழ் டைப் அடிப்பது பற்றி கேட்ட விபரம்
    நான் இந்த கன்வேர்ட்டர் தான் உபயோகப் படுத்துகிறேன்

    நல்லா எழுதறீங்க...தங்கலிஷ்லேர்ந்து தமிழுக்கு மாறுங்க :))) அடிக்கடி வருகிறேன். கலக்குங்க வாழ்த்துக்கள்

    என்னுடைய ப்ளாக் பப்ளிசிட்டிக்கும் ரொம்ப நன்றி :)

  11. Ramya Ramani said...

    Good.Appreciate it!

    அடடே பெரியவா எல்லாம் என்னோட Blog பக்கம்! ஸொ நீங்க எனக்கு அண்ணா! சூப்பர்!
    அடுத்த பதிவு தமிழ்ல தான்! வாழ்த்துக்களுக்கு நன்றி

  12. CM-Chap said...

    Ha Ha.. Too much hype irunthalum :-)

  13. Divya said...

    Good try Ramya,
    Nice flow in ur writing...admired it!!

    Ramya , thanks for being a silent reader to my posts,
    Ur comment made my day Ramya!!

    Again thanks....keep visiting and pass on ur views plzz!!

  14. Anonymous said...

    Good One...:)

  15. Karthik said...

    I felt something but didn't expect 'Lord Narayanan' here.

  16. இத்யாதி said...

    முடியலங்க்றேன்!! :==(

  17. Chandru said...

    your "My First Love" story is very nice. This is like my real Story.
    Thank You