Monday, April 7, 2008


Ugadi! I mark Ugadi being special to me as it was during one such featival did amma ask me to help(???) her in cooking.There I started with experimenting my cullinary skills. Appa became "The Scapegoat" for the very few dishes I tried.May be because of the threat to his life/was it because he being a better cook he asked me to concentrate on other activities.Poor Appa :) .Now forced to cook and eat my own food in Uncle Sam's Country,I have started re-inventing my interest in cooking. Poor roomies this time ;)

Being a telugite born in Tamil Nadu, never did I get a chance to see how the actual celebrations were in AP.Still we get a chance to celebrate and of course eat mouth watering dishes on both occasions!

What are the celebrations like?

We wish our near and dear ones
Pray god
Get blessings from elders
Eat Ugadi Pachadi ( Sweet-Sour Mix made of Mango pieces,Jaggery,Neem Flowers and little tamarind water)symbolising that life is also a mixture of happiness,Sorrow,bitterness but still remains exciting and adventurous.
Listen to appa reading Panchangam and hope for things to be finer this year too :).

Friends Wish you all a very Happy Ugadi and May this Year bring more and more success to your life making it a remarkable year !

Eeee Ugaadi Meeku Entho Subhapradam Kaaavaaalani Korukuntoo......Ramya


  1. Me said...

    happy Ugadi!

  2. Ramya Ramani said...

    Thanks Me:)

  3. pushkalAn&' pattabhiraman said...

    Ugadi preps ellam semma strong pola irukku..nadakatum nadakatum

  4. GURU said...

    hi Ramya,
    Ugadi saapatu feelingsa kelapi vituta.... i miss Ugadi so much... i had a hatric this time... 06,07,08 3yrs miss panniten... but the pic showed dat pachadi which is d important ingredient....
    keep it up

  5. Ramya Ramani said...

    Thanks for dropping! Preps ellam onnum illa. First Ugadi I am missing so konjam feelings :(

    hmm enakku idhu dhan first Ugadi away from home.Yeah Ugadi Pachadi is always special :)

  6. Harish said...

    "Now forced to cook and eat my own food in Uncle Sam's Country,I have started re-inventing my interest in cooking."
    Atleast you were forced to re-invent it...imagine my plight where I was forced to discover it :P. Everyday I would venture into a new world as I would start making a sambhar and end up with a rasam.

    Btw...glad that you liked my blog. You can blogroll me. No need to ask permission yaar :-)

  7. Ramya Ramani said...

    Heard People saying "Failures are stepping stone to success"Dont worry by the course of time you will either end up cooking well or convince people that this is your cooking style :P