Thursday, May 8, 2008

Musical Wishes

I have seen people dedicating songs to their loved ones ! I too prefer to do it! Hold on this dedication is for my Sister for her birthday!She is like a mirror reflecting what I feel. Miles apart I could only wish her on her bday! My best wishes for her to succeed in her life and in her career which she loves than anything else in this world!

But will it be fair on my part to dedicate a single song for her? Nah ! So here goes the list of songs we both love.

I managed to mention few lines about the song too!

Kaiyil Midakkum kanava nee - Ratchagan
Nagarjuna Would have pretended to have lifted Sushmitha with ease!But you could see his face showing some strain midway! :)

Ishq hua - Aaja nachle
Sooper Songs From Aaaja nachle.Kunal Kapoor was looking sooo cute ;).Especially the lines
"Kadmo ko sambhaleNazaro ka kya kareinNazro ko sambhaleto Dil ka kya karein
Kadmo ko sambhaleNazaro ka kya karein " Love them

Mandram Vandha Thendral - Mounga Ragam
Who can beat Raja in scoring the music for this wonderful sooper dooper movie! But I came to know recently that the background score for this movie was "Inspried" . See this

Nee oru Kadhal Sangeetham - Nayagan
Again a Master Piece From Raja !

Sangeetha Swarangal - Azhagan
Hmm Indha pattulaye naan wait panradhu , for a familiar music at 3.02 minute.

Keeravani - Padum Paravaigal
Wonderful Song. Have heard Telugu Version also.But my favorite is in Tamil.

Pon maalai pozhuthu -Nizhalgal
I love this lyrics

Moongil Kadugale - Samurai
Cinematography at its best!

Tere Bina - Guru
What to say? Whom to Envy Aishwarya for her dance or Abhi for his charm or ARR for his music or the Sweet Surprise Chinmayi!

Yeh Ishq - Jab we met
Dunno why but I am crazy about this song.

Pehla Nasha - Jo Jet Wo Sikandhar
Love this song!

Thendrale - Kadal Desam
Soft Nice music.Dont remember how many times I have asked my friend to sing this song!

Veesum Katrukku Povai teriyadha - Ullasam
Melodies are my favorite!This is no exception for that

Churidhar aninthu - poovellam kettuppaar
Hmm Did I fall in love with this couple from this song .Should be!

Nadhiye Nadhiye - Rhythm
Another nice song! Me and my sis made my appa a fan for this after our repeated listening and so called "Othu Padaradhu" ;)

Poove Vai Pesum Bodhu - 12B
Nice song which drove me crazy!

Azhagu Nilave - Pavithra
I cry everytime I listen to this song! But still I do not stop listening

Padariyen - Sindhu Bhairavi
My dream when I started learning music was to sing this song and secure prize.Though It never happened and now I dont have the heart to do unjustice ! :(

Yamuna Theeram - Anand
Nice Song which made me watch this movie many times.

Narumugaiye - Iruvar
Ever seen a movie where almost many did justice to what they are to do? If not Watch this movie and song

Enna Idhu enna idhu - Nala Damayanthi
Lovely song..Maddy and Geetu Mohandas have acted well

Agaya Gangai - Dharma yudham
Rajini has a typical style even for Romantic Songs! This song is a best example!

Jashan E Bahra - Jodha Akbar
Nice song!Aishwarya and Hrithik carried themselves in their roles very well in this movie!

Kal Ho Na Ho - kal ho na ho
There comes our Don with the voice of Sonu Nigam.Man his voice mesmerises!

One Love - Blue
I rarely listened to English Songs.This Song changed my mind! My Thangachiiii's ;) favorite!

Putham Pudhu Boomi - Thiruda Thiruda
One more song with superb lyrics!

Kalyana Malai Kondadum Penne - Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
Guess Bala would have really enjoyed singing this song.Music,Voice everything was at its best.

Enna Samayalo - Unnal Mudiyum Thambi
Movie with wondeful songs! I sang this song when I attempted cooking,and realized " Not Every Person who attempts to make a Sambhar is regarded a Cook"

Partha Nyabagam Illayo - Pudhiya Paravai
Who said there wasn't any attempt for western type of music in yesteryears?

Vellai Pookal - Kannathil Muthamittal
A song that aptly fits the title!

P.S : I had managed a Post in this Sakku :-P


  1. Divya said...

    ivlo than list aa ........innum irukka??

    Bday wishes to ur sis, convey panidunga Ramya!!

  2. ILA said...

    WOW Good collection. you should prefer join some FM Station

  3. Ramya Ramani said...


    Thanks divya sureah solren! List innum perusu dhan but space constraint parunga so short panniyachu!

    Thanks!Nice Idea.Part timela pannalame!

  4. Priya Murthi said...

    ramya... nice collection almost ennoda favorites ellam irruk...

    yammuna theeram-Anand,enna samayalo- Unnal mudiyum thambi... ada ada sandhu pondhu ella edathalerundhu pudichu potu irruka... top to bottom ellame ennoda favorites kuda... except that "English" paatu... i hardly listen to english songs...

  5. Such art I said...

    You have been tagged! You can check it out on my blog :)

  6. Priya Murthi said...

    what does it mean by getting tagged....

  7. Radha said...

    great to have a sister like this. i'm totally happy........... thank you

  8. ambi said...

    தங்கச்சிக்கா, இவ்ளோ தான் லிஸ்ட்டா? இல்ல அடுத்த பார்ட் இனிமே தான் வருமா? :p

    btw, இதுல இருக்கற லிஸ்ட்டுல முக்கால்வாசி என் தங்கமணிக்கு பிடிச்சது தான். :))

    Nice collections and good taste too :)

    is this word verification needed?

  9. Ramya Ramani said...


    Being a "Movie Buff" picking favorite songs was not that difficult!I am with you for English songs but this one was really good!

    Thanks for tagging.Will do it faster :)

    Enna madam thanks ellam solre!Public Forumna..ok vidu..When I come back give me special kavanippu ok ;)

    அம்பி அண்ணா

    வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ! ரெண்டு பார்ட் போடலாம்னு நெனச்சேன்! அப்பறம் ரொம்ப சீன் போடராமாதிரி இருக்குமோனு விட்டுட்டேன்! ஒ மண்ணிக்கு பிடிச்ச பாட்டு எல்லாம் இருக்கா சூப்பர்! நன்றி !

    Word Verification - சும்மா வெச்சிருக்கேன்!

  10. வினையூக்கி said...

    நல்ல தொகுப்பு

  11. Ramya Ramani said...

    நன்றி வினையூக்கி !

  12. SanJai said...

    Some songs in the list are my fav too.. :))
    Thanks for the Links Rams..

    //ILA said...

    WOW Good collection. you should prefer join some FM Station//

    Repeateyyyyyyyyyy for our Vivasayee :)

    ....ssssssssss appaadaa..mudiyala.. please remove the word verification... :(

  13. ஜி said...

    Konjam Peteraa irunthaalum.. parava illa.. neraya songs from tamil movies..

    Nice collection...

  14. J said...

    Nice list :) Convey my wishes to your sis!
    thanks for commenting on my blog and blogrolling too (with a caption for everyone- nice) :) how did you find my blog btw?

  15. Ramya Ramani said...


    Thanks for dropping in your comments! Neengaluma repeatteyy podaradhu avvvvvvvvv ;)

    Enna idhu peternnu solteenga..tamil pattu dhanunnga adigam!!!!

    Thanks for nice comments.

  16. kumar.s.r said...

    hi ,
    you are welcome to the
    TASQ - Tamil Song Quiz @ .

  17. Anonymous said...

    waiting for next post