Thursday, April 2, 2009

Certified Blogger

You want to know how you can get a status of Certified Blogger. Wonder how a blogger can be classified as Certified or not? Key to the question can be derived from the below conversation of a group of “OMR Cousins”. Have you started wondering who they are I can tell you it is most simple. Group of people who are related personally, who communicate through mails/chats/mobile though being on the same stretch of a road while they as well share code snippets occasionally but forwards regularly and draw out plans for their monthly day out sorry monthly evening out through the above referred means of communication.

It was once during such an evening out that I acquired the gyan of how one can transform to a CERTIFIED BLOGGER! Let us assume it was a group of 6 people rads, sow, vas, srivi, rags and rams! On a pleasant Friday evening (should be right its weekend buddy) all 5 of us got to meet in a chat shop following the typical custom of tasting (!!!!) other’s order first rather than yours.

While everyone was busy pursuing the fight between their respective ;) hand and mouth, sow suggested we got to do something innovative for our kutti cousin’s (thought they are in college we feel they are still young) bday celebrations during the annual family meet. And the crux of the conversation was,

Sow: hey people we got to do something different people rather than the usual cake, cream make up, gifts stuff.

Rags: hey sow, do you then plan to drop the cake idea this time?? I bet it is the funniest part, how nice to see our younger cousins having a nice makeover with that.

Srivi: Rags, we both had a chat yesterday its when we thought we will some think more interesting apart from the usual chattar-battar.

I chipped in to play my part, “I have an idea. Why don’t we have something like a dumb c where we mimic like a person and when the group identifies who it is, we can send him/her on to the stage. Would be total fun. Our Bada people can also join in.

Rads: hey yeah that sounds good. Can we have something else like say we use some pictures drawn to identify the person?

Vas: People why go for hard copies yaar lets try to have a Presentation. See I am not the typical BA guy here

Sow: Why u give a disclaimer vas? You sound so everywhere. But I should say it’s a nice idea too. (Smirk).

Rads: Hmm yeah I have a plan! You see rams is into blogging these days and she says she wanted to pursue it seriously. So we can have her write few lines about a person and have them on to a presentation. Once the group who it is, we can invite him/her on to the stage.

Seriously tasting my Aloo paratha I never realized that I was being dragged on to this. Seeing the puzzled look on my face my BA cousin chipped in to convince me.”I seriously feel rads idea is cool. You have been blogging for quite some time and I have never seen a poem posted in your page (not sure if he had read my blog either once but I believe his management skills helped him concluding things here :P). Why don’t you try one for this reason? It is a win-win situation. You get a post for your blog and a novel idea for our celebration. As a hidden benefit you earn the status of a Certified Blogger. The Logic is straight here, you need to have atleast a story and a poem hosted in your blog and so when you have this posted, you earn the status don’t you??”

Following his explanation a round cheer was in vas’s favor and to ensure I work on my task a cheer was in my favor too :D. Hence was coined a new term “Certified Blogger”. Below are the 4 different sets of lines on each of our kutti cousins I presented from my side. Seed is sown so watch out guys you might experience reading posts with verses tagged as poem not bothering if qualify to be so :P


She is sweetly called Krits
Coz she is sharp at her wits
She might appear laid back
But she never faces set back
As you get to meet (her)
You realize she is a budding poet!!

She resembles an actress
Truly at heart a real princess
She is good at art, making
Pieces which steals your heart
As she goes her way
Everyone be happy merrily her lips pray!!

She is a Cute damsel
Talking to her jubilance is what you feel
Gracious is her dance
Impresses you at first instance
Befriends you with her sweet temperament
Smile stuck to her face is permanent!!

She is our Little Pony
Who could bet Dhoni
Though not Physically
But of Course Athletically
Up the Air she Soars
Cheered by ecstatic roars!!


  1. gils said...

    english TR oruthanga urvaagitu varanga..hey dandanakaaa hey danakunakka

  2. Divya said...

    Glad to see a post in ur page......after quite some time:))

    Keep writing often Ramya!!!

  3. Divya said...

    \\Befriends you with her sweet temperament
    Smile stuck to her face is permanent!!\\


    \\You see rams is into blogging these days and she says she wanted to pursue it seriously.\\


  4. ஜி said...

    aaha!! english poemaa?? :O kalakkunga...

    English, not much pulamai.. so just tried to find out the names...

    rads - Radhika/Radha/Radhakrishnan?
    sow - Sowmya
    vas - Vasanth
    srivi - Srividhya
    rags - Raghavi?
    rams - Ramya
    krits - Krithika


    Convey my wishes also to your sweet cute damsel cousin....

  5. Divyapriya said...

    hey too good verse ramya…kudos to u :)

  6. Ramya Ramani said...




    Thanks !




    Thanks !